Rigid Industries 20" SR-L LED Off-Road Light Bar Amber Backlight

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Unique Backlighting Function in a LED Light Bar

Looking for a stylish, unique light bar that also does an amazing job illuminating your path? This Rigid Industries 18 LED SR-L Light Bar creates a light bar system that features both an extremely effective beam pattern and jaw-dropping good looks to excel functionally and visually. With an instant on and off use, you can have illumination instantly without waiting for the lights to warm up. This version of the Rigid SR-L light bar has 20" worth of LEDs and a amber backlight for operation in most vehicles. With a 50,000+ hour battery, you'll be all set for a long amount of time.

Powerful Off-Road LEDs with Wide Beam Optics

The Rigid SR-L Light Bars combine a robust aluminum housing with advanced optics and powerful LEDs to give your off-road vehicle both wide beam range and breadth. Each light bar is built around an array of powerful off-road LEDs that generate a huge amount of amber light. The light is harnessed by Rigid's Wide Beam optics which illuminate 70-degrees ahead of you to ensure max visibility in poor light. The LED amber halo backlight also adds a touch of class and style to the bar, giving it a unique look that is sure to turn a few heads both at night and during the day.

Durable, Waterproof Housing with Strong Polycarbonate Lens

Rigid prides themselves for making incredibly tough light bars that can function superbly in tough conditions. The LED board and optics are housed in an extruded aluminum housing with a corrosion-resistant finish and waterproof design. The bar is further protected by a thick polycarbonate lens that's capable of shrugging off hits from small rocks and debris without cracking, chipping, or letting you down. The lights also feature an integrated thermal management and pressure equalizing vent to ensure that your lights do not overheat. The light bar comes standard with hidden mounting hardware into your vehicle of choice. The light bar comes with a Rigid Multi-Trigger Harness that has a 3-position switch for the forward-projecting light and the halo accent.


  • 20" LED light bar w/ amber backlight
  • Features 70-degree wide beam pattern
  • Features 13,068 lumens
  • Uses polycarbonate lens
  • Built w/ aluminum housing
  • LEDs: 18
  • Watts: 47
  • Amp Draw: 9
  • Max Voltage: 36
  • Raw Lumens: 13068
  • Lux@10m: 258.32
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 325832cd
  • Beam Distance @ .25 Lux: 321.4m
  • Horizontal Beam Angle: 73.5