We originally started out in 2016 in the Toyota Tacoma community just helping people with info and guiding them in the right direction for their builds, but nothing was official at the time. Fast forward to January of 2019, and we took things to the next level! We started by creating the online store, building our social media presence and doing more things in house at the NEO Garage shop.


We are here for everything from answering a question to getting you the best deal on anything, and even in house installations and service.


We have a 4500 sq. ft. location with lifts in place ready to lend a hand if you don't feel comfortable doing the work yourself. From a basic tire/wheel mounting to a full suspension swap, even differential, transmission and engine work. 

From the first phone call, to the last bolt  we are here to help you the ENTIRE way, and be tour guide for the proper set up for your car or truck. If you plan to install it yourself, we are still happy to answer questions about the process and help as much as we can. That’s what we are about, because when you come to NEO Garage, you are apart of our family.


We hope you take the time to stop by or give us a call so we can continue to help you and the offroad and performance community.

-Roman Tretiak, Owner




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