Ford F250/350/450 SPC 2* Caster Shim Sleeve Pair

Sale price$51.10


Features & Benefits:
- Change Camber, Caster or Both at the Same Time
- Remove Tire, Cotter Pin and Upper Ball Joint Stud Nut and Break Taper Free between Stud and Sleeve
- Use a Sleeve Puller, Remove Existing Sleeve and Install P/N 23139 to Determine Change Needed, Then Install Correct Sleeve
- To Adjust: Sleeve May be Lifted and Rotated 1/8-Turn
- Adjustment Range: Cam./Cas. ±2 Degree
- Installation Time: 1/2-Hour Per Side
- Sold Individually: One Required Per Wheel 

This Specialty Products Company (23228) 2-Degree Camber and Caster Sleeve allows you to change camber, caster or both on your Super Duty! From there, remove your tire, cotter pin and upper ball joint stud nut and break the taper free between the stud and the sleeve. Installation should take about 30 minutes per side, and one of these sleeves is required for each wheel.