AMS 3.5L EcoBoost F150 & Raptor Turbine Housing Adaptor Kit

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We are proud to offer the AMS 3.5L EcoBoost F150 Turbine Housing Adaptors! Our Engineers designed this product to let your EcoBoost turbos breathe. More flow equals more power.

  • Wider mouth lets turbos breathe
  • Nearly 55% more internal cross-sectional area
  • Largest turbine housing adaptor on the market
  • Minimum ID 64mm (+20.8%)
  • Maximum ID 76.5mm (+44.3%)
  • Internal Cross Sectional Area 34.12cm2 (+54.8%)
  • More flow = More power
  • Lets the turbos spool faster
  • New castings not machined OEM flanges
  • Precision CNC machined surfaces
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Matches OEM gasket profile
  • Designed to perform best with our F150 downpipes
  • Installs easily in between the turbine housing and downpipes
  • Hardware is not included but required to be replaced during installation
  • W520514-S440 Ford – Catalytic Converter Nut
  • W716667-S900 Ford – Catalytic Converter Stud
  • BL3Z-9450-A Ford – Turbocharger Gasket