2021+ Ford Raptor Gen 3 RPG Offroad Rear Coil Spring Spacer Kit

Color: Fox Orange
Lift Size: 1"
Sale price$345.00


Gen 3 Ford Raptor Rear Coil Bucket Spacer. The Gen 3 Raptor Rear Coil Spring Spacer Kit will provide an additional 2″ of ride height and ground clearance, while also allowing fitment of 39″ tires.

  •   • Proudly made in the USA
  •   • Provides 2″ of lift in the rear, allows for clearance of 39″ tires
  •   • CNC Machined in-house out of USA-sourced 6061 Billet Aluminum
  •   • Anodized Black or to match Fox Orange
  •   • Includes 2 spacers and all necessary hardware