2021+ Ford F150 Raptor & Raptor R ADD Cruise Control Relocation

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Our 3rd Gen Raptor Adaptive Cruise Control Bracket relocates the ACC sensor module behind the grille, enabling you to retain functionality when installing an aftermarket Raptor front bumper. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum and powder coated in satin black to blend in discreetly behind the grille.

The bracket can either be oriented lower or higher on the grille. The primary position is the lower orientation, where it retains near OEM functionality. Alternatively, if you’ve installed any aftermarket accessories that extend above the bumper in front of the sensor; it can be installed further up in the grille. As always, this is fully bolt-on and Made in the USA.

** Please Note: In some instances the Adaptive Cruise Control system may need to be recalibrated by a Ford service center.