2016+ Toyota Tacoma Stage 1 Suspension Lift Kit by NEO Garage

Add UCAs: No
Icon RXT Upgrade: No
Front Strut Assembly: No
Sale price$999.95


We've had a lot of requests about people not knowing exactly how to piece together the right kit for their needs, so we are taking the hard part out and putting together the right kits for each user!

This kit is perfect if you daily drive your Tacoma 90% of the time but aren't afraid to go off the road and onto the trails! We've paired up the iconic Bilstein 6112 struts and 5100 shocks with Icons AAL leaf packs. This will allow you to achieve up to a 2.5" lift and carry a little extra weight in the form of armor or gear! We like to say these are 5100s on steroids because everything is bigger, the body, shaft, valves and a higher rate spring allows you to run more lift with less preload ultimately giving you a better ride. 


As with ANY lift it is required to get the correct upper control arms. Anything over factory throws off suspension geometry, even though some say it isn't required. If you want to achieve proper alignment and tire wear without increased suspension binding and much smoother ride, the SPC control arms will do just that. These have been proven to be reliable in all conditions and with their 100% sealed joint, you don't have to worry about the elements getting in. If you want maximum performance and don't mind extra maintenance, the Camburg uniball control arms are worth their weight in gold.


In the rear Bilstein 5100 shocks are proven to do the job and hold well under weight and ride fantastic over rough terrain. If you would like extra cooling and a full 10" of travel for full leaf pack replacements, we would recommend opting for that option.


Icons AAL pack is perfect for gaining 1.5" of extra lift, but tends to sag under heavy loads. These are a progressive spring rate, so the ride is fantastic on or off road. If you carry 300lbs+ of gear constantly, we would recommend upgrading to a full Icon progressive leaf pack. 


This kit includes;

Bilstein 6112 Strut Pair

Bilstein 5100 Shocks Pair

Icon AAL Pair