RPG 21+ Bronco +3" Mid Travel Suspension Kit

Sale price$4,599.00


Take your Bronco to the next level with the RPG Mid-Travel kit. This mid-travel kit will utilize a Fox, King, or Icon 2.5 aftermarket coil-over to pull 13+” of wheel travel. By using only the highest quality FK Bearings spherical bearings and rod ends, your pivot points are reliable and smooth through the entire suspension cycle, even under high angles and loads. The world-class in-house engineering that goes into the control arms and tie rods has been proven over the last 10+ years on the Raptor, and has carried over to a ’21+ Bronco kit we are proud to stamp our name on. Whether you are looking to go faster in the desert or have more articulation on the trail, the RPG mid-travel kit has you covered.

Technical Specs:

  • 3″ Wider Per Side (6″ wider total)
  • Accurate travel numbers coming soon.
  • Ability to run 39″ tires (37″ recommended)
  • Option of Black, Fox Orange, King Blue, or Clear Anodize

Kit Includes:

  • Billet Upper Control Arms
  • Billet Full Tie Rod Kit
  • Fabricated Lower Control Arms 
  • Heat-treated extended axle shafts
  • All necessary hardware

*Kit requires aftermarket fiberglass (Advanced Fiberglass Concepts 5″/8″ Flare or Fiberwerx 6″ Bulge), and a 0mm offset wheel is recommended for fender clearance.