Diode Dynamics Elite LED Headlamps for 2021-2023 Ford F-150 & Raptor

Style: Elite
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PRE-ORDER ONLY! Expected ship date April 2023. 

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  • Dual Bi-LED projectors for maximum output and intensity
  • Selectable color, premium Blade DRL
  • Modern welcome sequence and sequential turn signal
  • Optional adaptive Low Beam Assist and High Beam Boost
  • Integrated off-road lighting and show mode (Elite Max)
  • Engineered and Assembled in USA - 8 Year Warranty


Introducing Elite Series LED Headlights for the 2021+ Ford F-150 from Diode Dynamics! These headlights were designed for maximum performance, and they are the only aftermarket headlights for the F-150 that are 100% engineered and assembled in the USA. With the latest technology and features, they redefine what’s possible for aftermarket headlights!

With OEM-grade quality, the Elite Series headlights will add a sequential turn signal, welcome sequence, a brighter blade DRL with selectable color, and optional offroad lighting and show mode. Plus, you’ll get upgraded headlight performance and output, backed by an 8-year warranty.

Maximum Light Output. First and foremost, the Elite Series LED Headlights provide full LED illumination for both low beam and high beam function, with two modern, rectangular bi-LED projectors. These units provide nearly double the peak intensity of the factory premium projector lamps, shining light far down the road ahead. The beam pattern offers a sharp cutoff, with excellent center intensity and strong width, for a fantastic nighttime driving experience. The same projectors are installed on both the Elite and Elite Max models.

Welcome Sequence. When you’re ready to hit the road, your Elite Series headlights will show off their capabilities with a gradual illumination of the LEDs. This provides an unmistakable indicator of the modern technology packed inside. If you have our Elite Series Fog Lights for the 2021+ F-150 installed as well, the patent-pending communication feature will sense their presence and run a coordinated sequence through both lamps, for a fully-integrated look. Note that the startup sequence is programmable, and can be easily disabled if desired.

Selectable DRL - On the Fly. These headlights feature a selectable daytime running light (DRL), to customize the look and style of your truck. These are built with solid blade-style optics for a truly premium look. You can choose between a crisp white and amber color, and add or remove the horizontal bar. The best part? You don’t even have to pop the hood. Our patent-pending technology allows you to quickly program your headlights from inside the vehicle, using existing controls. No extra switches, wires, or controllers required!

Sequential Turn Signal. Any time the turn signal is activated, the horizontal DRL bar sequences outboard with bright amber output, while the perimeter blade flashes in a static pattern. When you’re done making your turn, the lights will switch back to white output, or your selected DRL color. The Elite model operates in the same way, with the horizontal bar located at the bottom of the lamp. 

Adaptive Low Beam Assist. The Elite Max model features an exclusive and patent-pending Adaptive Low Beam Assist feature. When enabled, one auxiliary pod will illuminate to add extreme width to the sides of the road, along with the low beams. Through the programming function, this feature can be completely enabled or disabled, or set to activate only when making a turn.

High Beam Boost. The Elite Max model also features a patent-pending High Beam Boost feature, which is activated by an included toggle switch anytime your high beams are turned on. Meeting SAE J581 standards, this feature provides an extra punch down range as an auxiliary high beam. Please check state and local regulations for acceptability in on-road use.

Not just On-Road! First in its class, the Elite Max model includes a patent-pending Trail Light off-road lighting feature. With the same emitters found in our popular Stage Series off-road products, these lights feature triple SSC2-style pods mounted at the bottom of the light. At the flip of a switch, all three pods light up to illuminate the trail ahead. The high-power LEDs stay cool thanks to a large custom-designed heatsink. This function is not intended for on-road use and requires independent activation with the included toggle switch, or can be connected to an aftermarket auxiliary switch bank.

Show Mode. As if the other features weren’t enough, the Elite Max model comes with a Show Mode. Whether you’re parked at a show or just want to be seen, you can activate the show mode any time you’re stopped. Choose between four functions: Gradual, White Strobe, Amber Strobe, or Amber/White Strobe. Of course, there’s no need for extra controllers - simply toggle your off-road switch a few times to easily start the show mode from your cabin.

Plug-and-Play Installation. These headlights are compatible with both halogen and LED-equipped F-150s, in all trim levels. Simply remove your factory headlight assembly and ours will bolt right in its place. A plug-and-play wire harness is included to hook them up to your factory connector. No splicing required! With built-in adjusters, the lamps can be aimed using the provided adjustment tool. Elite Max customers will also receive an extra braided wiring harness, for the off-road and show mode feature. This harness includes a toggle switch, or you can easily connect it to an aftermarket switch bank.

Assembled with Quality - in the USA. Most OEM headlights are made in the US, but nearly all aftermarket headlights are assembled overseas. There’s a reason for that - quality control counts, and the OEMs know it. We’re working to break that mold, and deliver headlights with the same quality you’ll find from the factory. Elite Series headlights are proudly assembled in the USA using OEM-grade materials, including a cast aluminum driver and heatsinks, solid DRL blade optic, UV-coated outer lens, aluminum-core circuit boards, and automotive-grade LED emitters. After being assembled by our team in St. Louis, Missouri, they are robotically sealed and individually pressure-tested for long-lasting protection against moisture, before being packaged in custom foam for safe transportation. No expense has been spared, from materials to assembly, right here in America.

Proven Reliability - Backed for 8 Years. Like our popular Stage Series lineup, Elite LED headlights have been extensively tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing. All of these tests are completed to SAE standards, just like the factory components on your vehicle. With integrated moisture-proof vents, the lamps can “breathe” with changes in temperature, maintaining a strong seal over time. And with built-in circuit protection for voltage spikes and reverse polarity, these lights will keep working for years. They are backed by an industry-leading 8-year limited warranty.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly assemble and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what you're driving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your lighting project!


NOTE: Elite and Elite Max LED headlamp output data is coming soon!

Color Temp (CCT): 6000K
Operating Voltage: 9-16V
Polarity: Polarity Specific
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
LED Emitter: OE Quality LED Projector, 3030 Bicolor
Connector(s): OEM-Size Plug and Play
Driver Features: Internal, Linear Regulated, Constant Current
Materials: Aluminum PCB, UV Coated Polycarbonate Lens, Aluminum Heatsink
Cooling: Passive, heatsink
Compliance Ratings: SAE J575 Durability Test
Intrusion Ratings: IP67 Weatherproof
Unit Weight (lb): Elite: 14.5, Elite Max: 16.2
Product Weight (lb): Elite: 29.0, Elite Max: 32.5