2021+ BMW M3/M4 G80/G82/G83 AWE Non-Resonated Mid Pipes

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Wanting more sound from your AWE SwitchPath or Track edition exhaust for you G8x M3/M4? Snag the AWE non-resonated mid pipe kit and pair it with your current exhaust for a little extra sound and fun! 


  • Mid Pipes: AWE’s Non-Resonated Performance Mid-Pipes are designed to be paired to AWE Exhausts only. Due to varying cut points, they’re not guaranteed to work with another manufacturer’s exhaust configuration.
  • Exhausts: AWE Exhausts feature inlet adapters to mate to the factory mid-section. When pairing AWE Mid-Pipes to the SwitchPath™ or Track Edition Exhausts, the aforementioned adapters are not needed. Due to varying cut points, AWE Exhausts are not guaranteed to mate with another manufacturer’s mid pipes.
  • Valances: AWE Exhausts are confirmed to fit stock and M-Performance valances.