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2" premium "High Payload" SST lift kit solution for the new Ford Bronco - excludes Sasquatch packages Badlands, Wildtrak and First Edition models. Heavy-duty CNC-machined aircraft grade billet Aluminum construction. ReadyLIFT top mount strut extensions require no cutting or modifications to install. Provides the ideal 2" of lift for a true lifted stance that maintains the factory ride and handling, increases ground clearance and allows for larger wheels and tires. 69-21210 is engineered to compensate for heavy cargo weight such as rooftop tents, tools and camping gear, etc.  Note:  Not for use on Sasquatch Package equipped vehicles including Badlands, Wildtrak, First Edition, and Wildtrack equipped with Hoss 3.0 Fox shocks.

  • If you are a new Ford Bronco owner and are planning to outfit your new Bronco with overland or rock crawling adventure features, ReadyLIFT has a new lift kit engineered just for you. Our new 69-21210 Ford Bronco ‚¬Å“High Payload‚" 2" SST lift kit has been designed to meet the needs of Bronco adventurists who typically add lots of heavy aftermarket products such as rooftop tents, tools, refrigerators, etc. This new lift kit takes our standard Ford Bronco SST lift kit and adds additional rear lift height to compensate for additional cargo weight. The new 69-21210 2" SST lift kit is engineered for use on new Ford Bronco vehicles that do not have the Sasquatch package which includes Badlands, Wildtrak and First Edition models. This kit is intended for Broncos operating regularly with payload - cargo management systems, rooftop equipment, steel bumpers, overlanding gear, oversized spare tires, etc. The kit provides approximately 2.5" of rear lift when the vehicle is lightly loaded. The all-new 69-21210 SST lift kit provides 2" of lift using our popular CNC-machined aircraft-grade 6061-T6 billet Aluminum front and rear top mount spacers that are developed to help maintain the factory ride and handling. These new premium-grade spacers are designed to provide maximum lift height without creating ball joint or tie rod bind commonly found with inferior kits on the market. Our engineering team has developed the appropriate geometry to allow the suspension to work flawlessly throughout the suspension cycle and range of travel. 69-21210 is completely bolt-on and requires no modifications or cutting to install, all while providing a much improved overall aggressive stance with additional rake included to better accept heavier cargo weight. Two inches of front lift allows the new Ford Bronco owner to take advantage of the increased ground and tire clearance to run much larger wheels and tires. Our testing reveals that a 305/70R17 on a 17" wheel with +18 offset is the maximum size tire to run with no modifications or trimming required. 35x12.50 tire can be used with minor trimming and/or front crash bar removal. ( Does NOT fit Sasquatch Package equipped vehicles, Badlands, Wildtraks, First Edition)