2017+ Ford Raptor Stainless Steel Triple Fog Light Kit With Baja Designs Lights

Sale price$899.99


The first and only bracket to be made out of stainless steel! As most of you know, steel rusts, and rusts very quickly the worse the climate is. Stainless is the only material not to rust or corrode away! These are also powdercoated black for even more protection, just in case!

This fog light kit was put together by us at NEO Garage because we feel this is the best of everything you can get. Our kit includes 3 pairs of Baja Designs lights for the ultimate throw of lumens and the lenses add the best light pattern you can get.

To top things off, we throw in amber covers free of charge so you can cut through dense fog or snow at anytime by just snapping them onto the lights. As well as a custom one piece plug and play wiring harness for simplicity and a clean look.

This kit includes;

SPP Triple Fog Stainless Steel Brackets

6 Amber Lenses

Custom One Piece Plug and Play Wiring Harness with Crimp Connectors

Pair of Baja Designs Squadron Sport Spot Lights

Pair of Baja Designs Squadron SAE Lights

Pair of Baja Designs S2 Sport Lights



S2 Sport: 1,130 each

Squadron Sport: 3,150 each

Squadron SAE: 2,480 each