2017-2020 Ford Raptor, RPG Gen 2 BOLT Long Travel Front Suspension Kit

Add Fox 3.5" Secondary Shocks?: No
Add RCV Axles?: No
Sale price$6,400.00


  • Shocks, RCV Axles and Brake Lines Sold Separately
  • Different Colors Available - Inquire To Order

RPG Offroad has always pushed the performance limitations of the Raptor through well-engineered, heavily tested performance upgrades that improve upon the already impressive engineering of the truck. The BOLT kit is in spirit a continuation of our legacy of being on the leading edge of Raptor performance, but also an evolution as it replaces the entire front suspension of the Raptor and starts from scratch with maximum performance in mind every step of the way.
The BOLT kit has been in development for years, and incorporates much of what we’ve learned over the past several years about the Raptor’s suspension geometry, the chassis itself, and about the needs of the Raptor community. With those basic tenants in mind, we designed a kit that increases wheel travel, drivability, and offers much more versatility in the front end of the truck.Unprecedented Strength in Construction

The BOLT kit features a race car inspired box construction with all pivot locations attached with robust, high quality FK spherical bearings (not cheap bushings) and rod ends that are chromoly welded both on the inside and outside. BOLT Kit specific adjustable upper control arms, lower control arms, steering knuckles, and tie rods are built to the highest standards meant to excel in even the harshest, most brutal terrain your Raptor will ever encounter. The kit is mated to 3.0” Fox Racing Internal Bypass Shock and a Fox 3.0” External Bypass Shock for total confidence and control at all times. All points of attachment on the new steering knuckle are double sheer, effectively quadrupling the strength of each pivot. What does this dedication to ultimate strength mean? You’ll never have to worry about front suspension failure again, as this kit strengthens every weak point and is built to excessive standards. The BOLT kit will “bolt right up” to the chassis of the truck using upgraded Grade 8 hardware and custom machined misalignments, and is finished in a gorgeous titanium powder coat for long lasting protection and style.

All New Custom Suspension Geometry Featuring an Ultra Rugged Steering Knuckle made completely out of 4130 Chromoly Steel

The factory limitations of suspension geometry are limited by the chassis and steering knuckle. We decided to start with a 100% Chromoly custom steering knuckle that allows for increased steering angles, decreased scrub radius,  elimination of bump steer, and still allows fitment of larger brake packages. Knowing that the factory power steering pump and steering box are weak points on the truck, we have designed a decreased scrub radius to compensate for the increased wheel travel, different offset wheels and larger tires.  Steering caster has remained the same to maintain high speed stability and steering return to center. Adding custom BOLT RCV performance drive shafts ensure that the CV axles are no longer a weak point in the front suspension, limiting turn in droop and bump while offering a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty.

Total Comfort and Control, RPG Style

Over the past years of development and testing over the harshest terrain and roughest trails, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the performance the kit offers. Jumps and whoops that were formerly spine shattering on trucks that were stock or modified with single Fox 3.0” coil overs are now buttery smooth launching pads. The kit brings together precision crafted components that are engineered and tuned to work in harmony towards one common goal: Dominate every obstacle. We achieved this with increased dampening power, unsurpassed strength in construction, and fine-tuning the entire package to perfection. By starting from scratch on the front suspension, we were able to eliminate weak points and push the Raptor’s capability to a completely different realm of performance.
Ready to climb to the pinnacle of Raptor performance? The BOLT kit is available now!


  • • 16.5” Proven Wheel Travel
  • • 3” Longer Bolt On Control Arms and Tie Rods
  • • Tuned specifically for Fox Racing Shox 3.0” External and Internal Bypass Shocks
  • • Works with Fox 3.0, Icon and King Shocks
  • • Titanium Powder coating and black anodizing finishes
  • • Grade 8 Hardware
  • • Upper Control Arms: TIG welded, Single Pinch Bungs, Adjustable 7/8” FK Rod Ends, 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • • Lower Control Arms: MIG welded, 1.5” FK Bearings, ¾” Chassis Bolts, 7/8” Knuckle Bolt, 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • • Steering Knuckles: TIG & MIG welded, 1.0” FK Bearings, Optional Big Brake Kits, Double Sheer Pivots, 4130 Chromoly Steel, Stainless Steel Misalignments, Grade 8 Hardware
  • • Tie Rods: AISI 7075 Aluminum Hex Bar, FK Rod Ends, Stainless Steel Clevis and Misalignments
  • • Optional Secondary Shock mount, requires minimal welding
  • • Optional RCV Custom Axles, +3”, Lifetime Warranty