2010-2020 Ford F-150 & Raptor Alcon Big Brake Kit Front - NEO Garage
2010-2020 Ford F-150 & Raptor Alcon Big Brake Kit Front - NEO Garage

2010-2020 Ford F-150 & Raptor Alcon Big Brake Kit Front

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  • Vast improvement in stopping power and fade resistance
  • Massive 6-piston calipers with 13/6" rotors
  • Ductile iron calipers with corrosion-resistant finish
  • Pistons with motorsports-grade high-temp seals
  • Compatible with factory wheels and tires
  • Require tie rod upgrade for proper fitment

When it comes to adding utterly massive stopping power to your 2009-2018 F150 or Raptor, you can trust Alcon's 6-Piston Big Brake Kit to get the job done. Alcon's brake kit comes with massive, heavy-duty calipers loaded with six pistons that provide huge levels of clamping force. Helping the calipers bring your ferocious truck to a quick stop are 347x36mm (13.6x1.4") rotors with a unique slot design that provide a significant drop in fade while helping to improve stopping power and braking consistency over stock. Best of all, the calipers feature a low-profile design, which allows them to fit behind the factory 17" wheels of 2010-2017 Raptors, as well as stock 18" and 20" wheels of standard F150s. Alcon's front 6-piston brake kit is a great choice for getting the stopping power your aggressive truck deserves.

Alcon's 6-Piston Calipers were carefully designed to provide excellent fitment, while producing the enormous stopping power that aggressive trucks need both on and off-road. Unlike a lot of their competition, Alcon manufactures their calipers out of heavy-duty ductile iron which is less prone to deflection when under high heat and load than aluminum calipers. Alcon uses an acid zinc finish and epoxy acrylic paint over the entire caliper to prevent corrosion and give each caliper a great look. All six pistons of each caliper are fitted with motorsport-grade high-temperature seals, as well as a wiper seal to help prevent debris and dust from entering the piston shafts. Alcon's calipers come fitted with high-friction brake pads that are designed specifically for Alcon's calipers. The calipers work with the stock brake lines and stock-replacement brake line kits. Alcon's rotors feature a one-piece design and have a higher thermal mass than stock to help reduce fade when under load. Their unique u-shaped slots help clear away dust and debris for improved consistency.

Will not fit with stock tie rods: Alcon's 6-piston front brake kit will not fit with the factory tie rods of the 2009-2018 F150s or Raptors due to clearance issues with the stock ball joint. ADD's tie rod adapter kit will be required, and is available from our drop-town menu above. Custom tie rods or most aftermarket tie rods will also properly clear Alcon's kit.

Wheel Fitment: this brake kit will fit factory wheels and wheels with similar spoke designs and backspacing. The calipers will not clear wheels with low or extreme negative offsets.