2005+ Toyota Tacoma ADS 2.5 Rear Shocks

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Compression Adjuster?: No
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ADS bolt-in shocks are designed to withstand just about whatever you can throw at them and we’re pretty confident in saying you’ll break something else on the vehicle before you hurt the shock!
People who build dedicated off-road vehicles are comfortable with the idea of cutting and welding shock towers to accepts larger shocks. But to take a torch and welder to your daily driver requires a degree of dedication that most people equate to insanity. While we can appreciate that kind of dedication to off-roading we completely understand not wanting to cut up a perfectly nice dual purpose daily driver.
That’s why ADS created our line of bolt-in race shocks. The ADS bolt in line uses the same race proven technology that is found in ADS line of race shocks.

All shock bodies are coated twice for maximum rust and corrosion protection. They also feature thicker bodies, stronger shafts, and the same competition spec internals from their race trucks. Most manufacturers have different parts for OEM and competition builds, ADS doesn't.


 Available with or without compression adjusters.

Standard or Extended Travel options also available.


NOTE: These are special order with lead times up to 6 weeks.